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Oh the breeze, leaving you shivers on your back and with a warm feeling in your heart. The Breezers invite you to enjoy exactly what is in the moment, bringing you to enjoy those warm nights with refreshing drinks. They bring complete experiences when they host. And oh don’t they love a theme night.
The Breezera drink mineral white wines, light roses, and fruity soft reds

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Trink Drink Accessories

TRINK develops drink accessories for those who express themselves through their social activities. With the sommelier knives of TRINK you find your unique style while serving happy juice to the people you love the most. 

For those who serve celebration.
The first collection is a bold statement for those daring enough to hold their statement piece close. The sommelier knife becomes a functional accessory, an extension of yourself.

Seabreezer sommelier knife

This corkscrews allows pulling corks out effortlessly in two steps without breaking or damaging the cork. This model is widely used by the professionals in hospitality.
This sommelier knife has a small knife which allows for easily cutting the capsule. The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable for those expecting to open many bottles in their life.

Model is 1.84 m wearing size M
Washing Instructions
Machine wash, no ironing, don’t dry clean, don’t tumble dry